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People & Solidarity
People & Solidarity
Accommodation with Palestinian Families
Visitors to Palestine are often informed that the culture is famous for its hospitality and strong extended families.
Bethlehemís Summer of Service
This is an opportunity to meet and share in fellowship with Christians in a land of conflict, to meet with Palestinians and Israelis who are peacefully building toward a just solution and to walk the lands of the Bible.
Exploring & Accommodation in the Old City of Hebron
Hebron has a unique cultural heritage and political situation and is one of the most interesting places in Palestine to visit.
Hebron Tours and Accommodation with Local Families
AECHF organizes accommodation with the local Hebronite families, to experience and learn more about the life in Hebron through real encounters with real people.
Home Rebuilding Summer Camp
Today in Palestine, thousands of homes within the Occupied Palestinian territories are at risk of being destroyed, leaving familiesí homeless without warning.
Olive Harvest & Tree Planting Programs
From the harvesting of olives to the pressing of olive oil to creation of olive wood crafts olive trees have been a part of the Palestinian life and culture for thousands of years.
Palestine Summer Encounter
The Palestine Summer Encounter is an extraordinary opportunity to experience life in the Palestinian Territories not as a tourist but as a guest and a participant in the community.
Solidarity Programs
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has proven to be one of the most intractable disputes of the world. It contains elements of conflicts in other part of the worlds-national religious and ethnics conflicts, competitions over lands,
The Olive Harvest & Cuisine Tour
The olive tree plays a symbolic role in the life of Palestine. During the month of October, Holy Land Trust invites participants to participate in our annual olive harvest to experience the rich and tasty cuisine of Palestine,
The Palestinian Summer Celebrations
Come and celebrate Palestine! The Palestinian Summer Celebration is a unique annual program that gives people from all over the world the chance to encounter the life, culture, and politics of Palestine.