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Explorations and Encounters
Explorations and Encounters
Hebron and Vicinity Tours
In 2007, AECHF launched the alternative tourism program and has since trained 15 young local guides to contribute to the touristic, cultural and economic development of the Old City of Hebron and the surrounding villages.
One Day Tours
The Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) organizes one day tours to Hebron and Bethlehem. Our tours offer a unique opportunity to discover Palestine from a different angle.
One-day Guided Explorations of Palestine (PACE)
Having been organizing tours in the Palestinian areas since 1996, PACE TOURS offer guests of Palestine a unique opportunity to discover the land, meet its people, and explore their way of life and history.
Pilgrimages for Transformation "Come and See"
In 2010, 27 theologians, Palestinian activists and tourism professionals from 14 countries gathered in Geneva to develop guidelines for promoting justice tourism in Palestine.
Ramallah Highlands Trail
Re-Walk Heritage: Ramallah Highlands Trail is Riwaq’s first heritage trail developed through the Mutual Heritage project as part of the Euromed Heritage IV program funded by the EU.
Siraj Center Cultural and Political Tours
The travel programs organized by Siraj are carefully designed to increase understanding of cultural and political issues in the Holy Land. Siraj utilizes local knowledge and local guides to create trips that allow participants to experience Palestinian culture.
Sufi Trails
Sufi shrines and sacred sites have long been part of the landscape and culture of Palestine. From the time of the crusades to the end of the Ottoman Empire – a period of some 700 years - these shrines were part of a living tradition of rural prayer and pilgrimage.
Village Trails
Rural Palestine is famous for its olive trees and prickly-pear cactus, for its terraced valleys and for the villages that are scattered across the hills.