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Calendar of Events

Title: the Journey for Justice - Palestine - 2013
Date: 2013-08-10 - 2013-08-18
Time: 8:00am
Description: Journey for Justice brings together youth mainly from YMCAs and YWCAs all over the world to experience and share the life under occupation with Palestinian youth. For nine days, they join Palestinian youth and travel around occupied Palestine to witness the effects of Israeli occupation. The challenging journey aims to witness and accompany Palestinian youth in their daily life.

Journey includes:

• Stories / experiences / dreams and daily life sharing.

• Devotions and reflections.

• Home stays with Palestinian host families.

• Passing through checkpoints and roadblocks together.

• Visiting their universities and realize Palestinian students' difficulties.

• Joining a local youth work camp, where youth come from all over Palestine.

It also includes:

• Witnessing the various EJ YMCA and YWCA of Palestine programs in action and during activities in Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jericho, and Jerusalem.

• Meetings and discussions with Palestinians and Israelis: Political and religious leaders, Israeli right-based groups, grass root Palestinians including farmers, refugees, students...etc.

• Presentations and discussions with specialists on issues of: children, refugees, academics, media, international work...etc.

• Visiting various religious and historic sites including old cities of Hebron, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem, Church of Nativity, Holy Sepulcher, Al-Aqsa Mosque...etc.

• Advocacy activities and workshop, building coalitions of YMCA-YWCA committed youth leaders and set advocacy plans together.


• Participants ages should be between 17 and 25 (up to 30 could be allowed for special cases).

• No limited number of participants from one movement.

• Participants should represent / be delegated / coordinate their participation with their respective YMCA / YWCA movements.

Join the Journey for Justice - Palestine - 2013

Youth, 17 - 25, from all over the world are invited to join the Journey for Justice in Palestine.

Proposed daily schedule (subjected to minor changes)

• Saturday, August 10, Day 1: Arrival.

• Sunday, August 11, Day 2: Introduction to YMCA, YWCA and JAI. Guided tour inside Church of Nativity and Bethlehem market. Wall and settlements surrounding Bethlehem area - witness confiscated lands and meet farmers.

• Monday, August 12, Day 3: Watch Bethlehem-Jerusalem checkpoint with EAPPI. Breakfast at YWCA headquarter and meet GS and staff. Guided tour inside Jerusalem old city (Aqsa Mosque, Sepulchre Church). Lunch at YMCA headquarter and meet GS and staff. Guided tour with ICAHD / Zochrot Israeli group. Evening movie screening.

• Tuesday, August 13, Day 4: Ramallah: meet Right to Education Campaign. Al-Dameer Prisoners organization. Visit to Bili'n (popular resistance). Visit Arafat' tomb. Free time in Ramallah.

• Wednesday, August 14, Day 5: Nablus (north West Bank): visit Al-Najah University and guided tours with students. Guided tour inside Nablus old city including Hammam, Jacob' well. Meet with Samaritans.

• Thursday, August 15, Day 6: A tour in the old city of Hebron. Visiting the Ibrahimi Mosque. Presentation about the situation with the TIPH, guided tour with the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) to witness settlements inside the town - divided areas - forbidden streets. Lunch in the old city. Visit glass and Palestinian scarf factories.

• Friday, August 16, Day 7: Help farmers at their fields / Witness YMCA summer camp in Beit Sahour. Afternoon presentation on the Palestinian refugees and right of return by Badil center for refugees. Guided tour inside a refugee camp. Home stays with Palestinian families.

• Saturday, August 17, Day 8: Presentations on the BDS Campaign, Kairos Palestine Initiative. Involvement in the Olive Tree Campaign - future advocacy plans and follow up. Free afternoon. Folklore Cultural evening - farewell dinner.

• Sunday, August 18, Day 9: Departure.

Criterea / Remarks (read carefully):

• Participants ages should be between 17 and 25 (up to 30 could be allowed for special cases).

• The JAI covers a large portion of the program costs, while participation still need to cover some fees of 650 USD, beside their VISA fees (to Israel, if needed in advance).

• The participation fees cover transportation from and to Tel-Aviv airport, local transportation during the program, accommodation, meals, and all extra (not JAI team) guiding and entrance fees during the Journey. This amount is to be paid in advance by a money transfer, or in cash soon as the participant arrives.

• Each participant, or his/her respective movement, covers his/her air ticket. Tickets should be reserved so as to arrive on the 10th and departure on the 18th of August 2013. Extra days outside the scope of the Journey will add extra costs on the participant.

• Participants of nationalities that need a VISA to Israel in advance, they, or their respective movements, are in charge of obtaining and managing their TOURIST VISAs on their own, while the JAI, EJ YMCA or YWCA of Palestine are, unfortunately, unable to help in this matter.

• Deadline for filled applications submission is mid July 2013.

registration procedures and online form are available at: